Medical Equipment

The Equipment Division

Our equipment division provides new or recycled durable medical equipment to individuals with disability who can’t otherwise access this equipment.

We generally provide the following equipment: wheelchairs, wheelchair cushions, canes, walkers, and bathroom equipment. We are not able to guarantee we have a specific piece of equipment or one particular size, but we will do our best to find something to meet your needs. We occasionally have pediatric equipment available.

We do not have hospital beds, respiratory equipment (including oxygen), wound care supplies, supplies for catheterization, or tube feeding.


Our mission is to provide equipment to individuals who otherwise lack access to such services. The majority of our patients are uninsured. We provide equipment to any individual with disability, regardless of diagnosis.


We maintain a small inventory of custom rehab equipment or DME.  Please contact us for your specific needs.

If you are requesting a standing frame or power wheelchair, you will need to provide a prescription from your doctor stating the equipment is medically necessary and that you are safe to use these items.

There is no charge for equipment provided.

How to Contact Us

Please give us a call at 855-825-7787 and leave a message or email [email protected].


We are currently looking for a Spanish speaking volunteer with knowledge in DME to assist with phone calls and emails.

Volunteers enable us to deliver these crucial services to individuals who otherwise lack access. If you’d like to volunteer, please email us at [email protected].