Hurricane Harvey Needs

We appreciate the overwhelming, outpouring of support following Hurricane Harvey. Communities across the country have come together to garnish support for members of the Houston community with health problems and physical disability. We are experiencing the generosity and warm-heartedness of strangers across the country, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

The Houston community has experienced an influx of need for medical equipment after the hurricane. During the storm, individuals were often unable to bring their mobility devices and other equipment with them as they emergently evacuated their homes. Additionally, the flood waters caused extensive damage, resulting in loss of medical equipment. Hurricane shelters are reporting shortages of a variety of equipment. RSVP is working to fill the need by collecting and distributing DME.

RSVP is 100% staffed by volunteers. We are actively looking for local volunteers to assist with a variety of duties, including staffing our equipment drive, accepting deliveries of equipment from mail services, organizing our stock for distribution, transporting equipment to recipients and shelters, and language interpreting.

We are hosting equipment drives at West Gray Multi-Service Center (address: 1475 W Gray Street, Houston TX 77019). We are seeking donations of medical equipment. Please, scroll to the bottom of this post to review lists of needed items for donation.

Here is a list of donations that we are looking for:

Manual wheelchairs

Transport chairs

Medical / Adaptive Strollers

Wheelchair cushions


Rollator style walkers

Money for batteries


Bags for wheelchairs or walker to carry things

Incontinence briefs for adults and children

Incontinence Wipes


Bed liners

Sliding boards

Hand sanitizer

Zip lock baggies of all sizes

Long handled reachers

Wedges for head elevation in bed

Long handle sponges

3:1 beside commodes

Shower chair

Shower bench


NRG stadium has requested the following supplies:


Switch tape

Neck brace

Knee brace

ACE bandages

Cohesive bandages


One touch glucometer (2)

Compression stockings

Lysol wipes

Pul cutters

Medical tape

Oral syringes (5ml, 10ml)


Index cards

Suction bulbs

Instant cold packs

Artificial tears

Small and medium hand sanitizer

Blood pressure cuffs: all sizes

12 lead EKG

Bariatric beside commode

Regulators for oxygen tank

Biohazard bags and boxes

Isolation gowns

Scabies treatment

Lice treatment

Linen management

Large whiteboard



Portable vital signs machine (1)